Trekking 4-5 days

Day 1: arrive Bahir Dar, move to Tiss Issat fall located 30 km away from Bahir Dar City. It is the marvelous Nile Fall. A drive can be taken from the City to Chiss Abay town. Then trekking could take 20-30 minutes to have a look the fall. On the way birding can be made.

Day 2: drive to Guna Mountain is 75 km away from Bahir Dar. It is a community Bsed conservation area. Drive from Bahir Dar through Debre Tabor (700 yrs old historical place) then to Gasaye. From Gassay a drive or trekking can be accomplished.

Day 3: drive to Choke Mountain, undiscovered place (tower of the Blue Nile River source). It has amazing fauna, flora and landscape.