The BSNP is a home to 44 species of mammals, including the endemic gelada baboon Theropithecus gelada, Ethiopian wolf Canis simensis, and Menilk’s bushbuck Traglaphus scriptus meneliki as well as 232 species of birds. The area encompasses three vegetation zones the Afro-montane belt (1,900–3,000 m asl) dominated by African juniper Juniperous procera, African redwood Hagenia abyssinica, and curry bush Hypericum revolutum; the Subafro-alpine belt (3,000–3,200 m asl) dominated by tree heath Erica arborea); and the Afro-alpine belt (>3200 m above sea level) dominated by everlasting flower Helichrysum spp  and common lady’s mantle Alchemilla spp.