During treks, visitors enjoy friendly hospitality in community managed guests houses built out of local materials. Treks in Abune Yoseph bring visitors to over 4,000m and are not for the faint of heart. However, those that make the climb find the views and experience well worth it! About 220 bird species have been identified on the Abune Yoseph massif. The Abune Yoseph area is one of the most important bird area for bird watching and trekking in the country.

The Abune Yoseph Mountains also attracts a few pairs of Golden Eagles - a species that is most common in Bale Mountains to the south. There are 43 known species of mammal on the Abune Yoseph massif.  Of which, seven species can be found in Abune Yoseph. The most spectacular of these are the Ethiopian wolf and gelada. Other species to look out for include: Golden jackal, hyena, caracal, leopard, rock hyrax, duiker, klipspringer and Starck's hare