Important Preparation notes

This document will help you to prepare you for the journey ahead. There are a number of important issues which

you should be familiar with before travelling, and therefore we encourage you to read this document thoroughly.

Please do not hesitate to ask us with any questions that arise About us.  Crane Tours-Ethiopia is a specialist tour operator to the region can strive to unravel this complex continent and to make your journey as flawless as possible.

Up on request we have prepared a reading document you will be better prepared for the specialist nature of the journey ahead. The trip notes include: up on arrival, international flight situation, departure taxes, passports and visas, arrival and departure, internal flights, baggage restrictions, accommodation, medical and travel insurance, health, hydration, clothing and what to bring, check list, indemnity form, photography, laundry and washing, currency and exports, electricity, check-in and check-out times, climate, safety and security, transportation, activities, guides, language, communications, livelihood of ethiopia, food and water, tipping

Recommended reading


-‘Africa – A biography of the Continent’

-‘Scramble for Africa’ Thomas Pakenham

- ‘The Blue Nile’ Alan Moorehead

- ‘The White Nile’ Alan Moorehead

- ‘A history of Modern Ethiopia’ Bahru Zewde

- ‘Ethiopian Civilization’ Belay Giday

- ‘Layers of Time’ - A History of Ethiopia Paul B. Henze

- ‘Cutting for Stone’ Abraham Verghese

- Field guide ‘Birds of Lake Tana Area, Ethiopia’ Shimelis Aynalem Zelelew

- ‘Birds of East Africa’ Zimmerman

- ‘Birds of Ethiopia and Northern Tanzania’ Zimmerman and Turner

- ‘Field Guide to the African Mammals’ Jonathon Kingdon

- ‘The Safari Companion’ Richard D Estes


- ‘Portraits of the Wild’ Cynthia Moss

- ‘Ethiopia’ The Bradt Travel Guide

- ‘African Ark’ Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher

- ‘The Sign and the Seal’ Graham Hancock


As with life, you will get out of your safari what you put into it. Now that we have done the planning it is now up to you to ensure that this will be a holiday to remember. And with even the best laid plans things do sometimes go wrong. If they do, Crane Tours will do everything within our powers to put the situation right as soon as possible. We all have room for improvement so we welcome your comments to make it an even better safari experience the next time around.